When it comes to transforming teams and leading people, there’s so much we can do to help. We create our sessions entirely around your needs and every business or team is different. By clicking on the letters V or F to the right you will view a selection of our services for virtual and face to face learning. If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us as we are continually updating and designing new content.

We like to keep things simple, so our four key areas are...

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Strategy & Planning 


Strategic Planning sessions:

Workshops that envisage your future and help your team create a plan to get there. You’ll finish the day energised, with a clear vision, direction, goals and actions for your bright future.


And it doesn’t end there.


We stick with you to make sure the plan is executed upon in the business.

Leadership & Coaching

We know it can be lonely at the top. As the leader of an organisation (or manager of a team), you’re supposed to know it all and have all the answers, right? We’ve worked with hundreds of CEOs and business leaders collectively, and understand the unique challenges.

We bring world-class research, tools and techniques to help you get clarity, help you plan and we hold you accountable. We work with you one-on-one to ensure you are building the soft skills and empathy that make the difference between being great and being extraordinary in your leadership. Because you’re not just a leader, we also like to focus on the entire you. We bring our own approach to ensure you’re succeeding in every aspect of your life as a leader, partner, parent, friend, mentor and moving to the best version of yourself.


Transformational Workshops & Performance  Academies

One of our core beliefs at Flourish is ‘mindset first, plan second'. To create a great plan, a great team, a great sale or a great relationship, how you view success or barriers becomes ultimately what you’ll achieve. We create empowering workshops that deal with the issues, challenge the status-quo, work through problems, create new ideas and perspectives and define how you’ll succeed. We give you the tools to get there. Our workshops are full of energy, we generate ideas, we tap your people’s creativity and we provide practical business solutions that deliver against your business goals.


Take a look at our iPhoto Album. As well as a brilliant work day with documented outcomes, goals and actions, your team will connect like they haven’t before! It’s going to be an awesome day all-round.


People & Team Development

Most of us seek to improve our weaknesses, rarely do we give enough attention to developing our strengths. Yet the research tells us that when we engage and develop through a strengths-based approach, our engagement is 7 times greater than when we develop via weaknesses to be addressed.


... We’ve seen it hundreds of times over. Working with people and team dynamics to discover what’s really going on transforms people and transforms teams.


Managing change, creating a winning mindset, developing sales capability, pitching, presenting, building emotional intelligence, sales leadership, account planning, learning to be a better coach, having brave conversations and creating better connections. These are just some of the areas we cover in our learning labs.


People are unique, diverse, complicated. As long as they possess the drive to be better, to embrace teamwork, we have the tools and experience to help. Everything we do is about you loving being at work and being the best you can be in your role.