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About Us

We are proud to say it was our customers that started our business nearly 5 years ago, and today we are four times the size we were after our first year in business. Thanks to the ongoing work we do with those same customers and referrals, our business is flourishing (sorry!). We love our jobs, our work and the people we work with. Our aim is to bring that to every business we work with.

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Flourish have won two Australian Business Awards and recognised as an ABA100 winner in the Australian Business Awards 2022 for both Business Excellence and Training Excellence.

We are extremely proud to have co-created the Ampol Sales Academy with our incredible client Ampol, and even prouder that this program has been recognised for its creativity and effectiveness.

Here's what we do (and what our customers say)...

  • We coach, train, consult and facilitate to get the best out of people.

  • We create dynamic thinking environments that challenge the status-quo.

  • We help you plan for the future with robust planning frameworks.

  • We are pragmatic. We take you to the core of the issues and address the elephants.

  • We train you in best-practice methods and provide you with skills and tools to be better at your job.

  • We empower individuals by harnessing their strengths and applying those strengths to their careers.

  • We create teams that know how to work well together and achieve great results.

  • We customise – we don’t force feed you what’s already been rolled out because it’s easier for us.

  • We deliver practical, implementable solutions that make a huge difference to teams and results.

  • We follow-up. Connect. Make sure the work we’re doing is hitting the spot.

  • We practice what we preach.

  • We manage all the back-end logistics for large roll-outs and have done this for programs from 40 to 600 people.

And what we don't do...

  • We don’t work for ourselves, we work for you.

  • We don’t deliver just our way; we build in a way that works for you.

  • We don’t over-complicate things and deliver a tonne of industry jargon.

  • We are not fly in, fly out consultants.

A great big dollop of ingenuity and common sense.

International Infrastructure company we built a sales leadership and sales academy for.

Here's what we believe (our key principles)

  • Simplicity is genius - Only real experts know how to make the complex, simple and achievable

  • Leadership is key – we ensure leadership involvement and buy-in

  • Creativity and practicality engage – make it enjoyable and fun

  • Make it stick – until it’s working in your business, we’re not satisfied

  • Get the mindset right – the plan will only work when the mindset is right

  • People should love their careers – when you love a job, it’s no longer a job

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