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Top 10 questions a Leader should ask their team members when moving into a new role:

1. What do you love working on most?

2. What element of your role would you give away if you could?

3. What do you feel are your strengths?

4. What are you motivated/driven by at this moment in time?

5. What have your past leaders done that you would like me to do or not do?

6. What leadership/coaching style do you respond best to?

7. What are your development and career goals, and where did you leave them with your last leader?

8. I encourage you to give me feedback, equally I would like to ensure that you are comfortable to receive it from me. In giving you feedback – wins and learns, what works best for you?

9. If you were leading the team, what would you suggest we start, stop, keep doing?

10. What’s something you do regularly outside of work that is important to you?


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