We spend over 125,000 hours of our life working, more time than most of us spend with family.  So, it’s really important to enjoy what you do. 

At Flourish, everything we do is about helping you love your job and excel at it.


We are passionate about making a difference and driving a great outcome for you, and we do this by sticking to our 4 key principles:

1. We ensure leadership involvement and/or buy-in

2. We keep it simple - less is more

3. We use creative, practical techniques to ensure team engagement

4. We do in field participant follow-up, post activity, to make it stick


Our client base spans a broad range of industries including: manufacturing, retail, utilities, infrastructure, professional services, finance, and media. We’ve been so busy helping clients in these areas, we’ve not had time to build our full website, but it’s coming soon – so please bear with us. In the meantime we invite you to answer this simple question:

Do you want to love your job?
Nikki Hobin
0412 388 053